Period 3: Chemistry 11

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Period 3: Chemistry 11

Post  The Amazing Zoltar on Wed Feb 23, 2011 5:12 pm

Status: Open

Period 3

Teacher: Mr. Cross

Elsa Marie

Mr. B. Cross leaned back in his chair relaxed after a good lunch. Lunch was great if you didn't have duty. Class was easy when things were in order. Things wouldn't be in order this class though. He really hated this period.

"That lunch was fucken awesome!" Elsa twirled into the classroom ready to lace a story full of swears, "You'll never even fucken believe some of this shit Mr. Cross."

Mr. Cross was completely unimpressed but not flustered like some teachers, "Elsa. Language."

Elsa didn't pay attention, ever, and kept babbling.
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